CLARKFIELD, Pampanga – This last quarter of the year brought together a rendezvous of the dynamic minds of the Fisheries Management Area 6 (FMA 6) – Management Body (MB) and the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG), fostering collaboration at its finest.
The FMA 6-MB took center stage with Regional Director Wilfredo Cruz as Chairman while Neil Kenneth Catibog as FMA 6 focal led the secretariat. The agenda focused on pivotal matters and marked significant strides on the adoption of the framework plan and the unveiling of the FishCore project components with a keen eye on target LGUs for major FishCore initiative. In attendance also were Directors Lilibeth Signey of CAR and Emmanuel Asis of Region 4B. Their presence underscored the collaborative spirit that is at the core of the FMA Project.
Meanwhile, the SAG, led by Chair Dr. Romina Yutuc and composed of scientists, researchers and technical representatives from various sectors, delved into the intricate task of mainly crafting the harvest control rules and measures, steering the course for sustainable fisheries management.
The synergy between FMA-MB and SAG responsibilities is evident – while MB sets the overarching plan, SAG meticulously crafts the rules, creating a robust foundation for the FMA project. As the FMA-MB charts the strategic course, SAG ensures that the guidelines align seamlessly, fostering a sustainable and thriving aquatic ecosystem. Together, they propel FMA 6 towards a future where responsible management meets ecological harmony.