In collaboration with the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB), the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Region 3 recently conducted a workshop focusing on Republic Act 9184 and its 2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). The event aimed to enhance transparency and efficiency in procurement processes related to fisheries management.
The two-day workshop, led by GPPB-recognized trainers, was a proactive step towards ensuring compliance with RA 9184, which is crucial for the judicious use of public funds, promoting transparency, and fostering competitiveness in fisheries and aquatic resource management initiatives.
BFAR Region 3 plans to integrate the insights gained from the workshop into its daily practices, thereby improving procurement procedures.
This collaborative effort signifies BFAR Region 3’s commitment to excellence and accountability in fisheries resource management, setting the stage for enhanced procurement practices that uphold the principles of RA 9184.